How to vintage and DIY
Dally’s Vintage Days

Dally’s Vintage Days is a “how to” site dedicated to mixing vintage ways with modern day life. We focus on good food, Fords, and gardens. Whether it’s a cooking recipe, an automotive tip, or a gardening “how to”, each post is intended to help people keep it simple in this fast paced world. Here, you can expect to find good old-fashioned American ways of life – alive and thriving with a modern maker’s twist.

Dally’s Vintage Days bloggers live in the town of Gilbert, AZ. A somewhat rural area close to the city. We don’t have to go too far to remember, or forget – depending on how you look at it.

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. OK – So you had me at hello. Well… the “hello” in “good food, vintage, BBQ (Hey – I live in KC! We LIVE BBQ!), gardening, herbs & country music – tho I’m more of a “modern country music” gal) Sorry… don’t know a thing about cars. Period. Thanks for reading my blog and for posting that yummy recipe for my grandma’s scalloped potatoes!! 🙂

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